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New Hampton Connection - October 25, 2018
Please join us to honor and celebrate
Retired Police Chief George Huckins

Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm
New Hampton Public Safety Building (please park to the far right side of the building)

Refreshments and snacks will be provided.
Looking forward to seeing you !!
Please contact the New Hampton Police Department business office if you have questions 744-5423 ext. 3

New Hampton's Second Tax Bill for 2018-2019
will be later than usual

New Hampton issues tax bills twice a year to cover the tax year of April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2019. The first bill was mailed in May and was due July 6th.  The second bill is expected to be mailed around December 15th and will be due in mid-January.  The second bill cannot be issued until such time the Revaluation and review of preliminary values are complete. The tax rate is not set until the new assessed values are submitted to the State of New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration.
The first bill you received, in late May or early June, was an estimate using the previous year's tax rate. The second bill you receive, will reflect the new tax rate and the new assessed value, which is based on the status of the property as of April 1, 2018.  
Often new property owners incorrectly assume their annual taxes will be double their first bill. Individual property tax bills should not be looked at as being one-half the total, nor as covering the first or last 6 months of the year. To determine the correct amount of total taxes for the tax year, the two bills must be added together.

2018 REVALUATION - New Assessed Values for Properties

Taxpayers will soon be notified, by letter, of their new value(s) of each of their properties. This letter will also offer the owners an opportunity to discuss their preliminary values with the assessors. Dates and times to call and schedule appointments, along with dates for those appointments, will be outlined in the letter. These appointments will be held at the Town Office in the 2nd floor meeting room. A preliminary list of values for all properties in New Hampton will be provided to the Board of Selectmen to post in places in Town or click here for the list. Taxpayers are encouraged to schedule an appointment with the assessors to discuss their values and review the sales and other information available during the reviews.
Over the past four years the assessing company of Commerford Nieder Perkins, LLC has performed a cyclical data verification process to measure all properties in the Town of New Hampton. For the final year of the project, 2018, the Company has performed the Revaluation as required by State law every 5 years.
The Company will adhere to the following guidelines … (click here for more)
The New Hampton Historical Society presents:

Hiking Historical New Hampshire:
Five Destinations That Define New Hampshire's Past

Tuesday, Nov. 13, 2018 at 7:00 PM
Gordon-Nash Library, New Hampton

Most hiking destinations have a story to tell. Some in particular have an unusual and fascinating tale and a few tell of significant aspects of New Hampshire’s past. In fact, they convey the unique character of the Granite State. Our presenter, Gordon DuBois, local hiker and journalist for the Laconia Daily Sun, will take you on five virtual hikes to places that have played a predominant part in the history of our state. In some respects, this history has been lost with demographic and economic changes over the past hundred years. This program will bring you in touch with New Hampshire’s history, through the photographs and stories from the trails that lead to the New Hampshire of yesterday. Featured destinations are Mt. Whittier, Waternomee Mountain, Redstone Quarry, Livermore Village and Lime Kilns of Black Mountain. 
NHHS programs are free and open to the public.  Light refreshments will be served, along with fundraising items for sale. 
Visit our website at

Transfer Station Stickers Have Arrived for 2019

Please see the Town Clerk for your sticker.

Boston Post Cane
 Seeking the Oldest Resident in Town
The Selectmen are looking to determine who the oldest resident in New Hampton is for the purpose of awarding the Boston Post Cane.
Brief History – taken in part from The Granite State’s Boston Post Canes, by Barbara Staples:
The idea of the Boston Post Cane came from Edwin Atkins Grozier, owner, editor and publisher of the Boston Post newspaper.  In 1909 he asked Selectmen in New England towns to determine who the Oldest Citizen in town was and the Boston Post would provide a “gold headed cane”, made “of carefully selected Gaboon ebony from the Congo, Africa”, for presentation by the Selectmen, to that individual.  His idea was to have this cane presented to the oldest citizen, and subsequently passed along.  The first recipient of New Hampton’s Boston Post cane was Samuel Colby (1820 – 1911).
If you know of a New Hampton resident who we can honor with this cane, please contact the Selectmen’s Office at 744-3559, or via email to

The Offices of the Selectmen and Town Clerk/Tax Collector
will be closed
Monday, November 12th in observance of Veteran's Day.
Please note – the Transfer Station WILL be open.
Master Plan Update

TUESDAY, November 20, 2018 at 7:00PM
Upstairs Town Meeting Room
6 Pinnacle Hill Road, New Hampton, NH
The Planning Board will hold a public hearing to review and discuss the Land Resources Section of the Master Plan that has been prepared by the Master Plan Update Subcommittee.   After public comment the Planning Board will consider the adoption of the section. 
The proposed language for the Land Resources Section can be found on the website homepage.