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New Hampton Connection -June 16, 2017
Special Town Meeting

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 - 7pm
New Hampton Town House
86 Town House Road 

The Chapel (Grange Hall) and Meeting House (1798 Town House) may have looked like this.
Meetinghouse Lane, 1826 – 1853
Drawn by Harry Moulton

The Grange building is 191 yrs old and it is a significant piece of New Hampton’s history.  The building has been in three (3) different locations.  First built and used as a Chapel (next to the Old Town House), then classrooms for the Institute in the Village, then to its present location on Main Street and was used for close to 85 years as the “Grange Hall”.  The New Hampton Community Church acquired the building in 1995 with the intention of utilizing the building and providing meeting space and a community center.  For 15 years it was used for community gatherings, town board meetings, the Church’s Sunday school and other events.

The Board of Selectmen was advised the fall of 2016 that the Church had determined they had no use for the building and planned to demolish it in November of 2016, to make room for more parking and/or possible additions to the Church building.  The Board met with Church members and asked for a stay in their plans to allow the Town to explore the possible options to save the Grange.  The Church membership and Pastor agreed to postpone until the Town votes.   Preliminary investigation was done on the condition of the building and the possibility of moving the building from the present site, but further evaluation was needed in order to present to the voters a final recommendation to move forward.  A presentation will be made at this Special Town Meeting.

Warrant Article #1 - Shall the Town authorize the Board of Selectmen to accept the donation of the New Hampton Grange Hall, and proceed with the relocation and reuse of the building to provide a community focused multi-use building?  There will be no appropriation of funds with this article.

Note: A March 2017 Warrant Article was presented and approved by the New Hampton voters at Town Meeting, which authorized the expenditure of $150,000 to relocate the "Grange Hall" building to return it back to its original location next to the Town House, where it was built in 1826, and to make initial necessary repairs.  The Selectmen were also authorized to accept donations, state or federal grants, or other funds that may become available to offset this appropriation.
Another Warrant Article in the amount of $4,000 was approved with authorization to expend to allow for the evaluation of the building's condition, potential uses and future repair or upgrade costs.  Any further town expenditure above the approved $150,000, would require voter approval. 

Click here to see the Special Town Warrant.
  • 1st Deliberative Session is Tuesday, June 27th at 7:00 pm
  • 2nd Session to vote by official ballot - Tuesday, July 25th from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm.
Click here to view more information on the Grange project and its history.


Supervisors of the Checklist Meeting

 To:  Residents of the Town of New Hampton

 The Supervisors of the Checklist for the Town of New Hampton will be in Session on Monday, June 19, 2017 from 6:00 pm to 6:30 pm at the Town Offices, 6 Pinnacle Hill Road, New Hampton, New Hampshire. 
The purpose of this Session is to accept voter registration applications and to make corrections or additions to the Checklist. 
Please bring your photo ID and proof of domicile along with any court or immigration papers, if applicable, to register or re-register.
Supervisors of the Checklist:  Christina Pollock, Mary Tierney, and Lucinda Ossola

* Recognition for a Life Saved *
The father of a teenager who was hit by a truck on I-93 in May wrote to New Hampton’s Fire Chief Michael Drake, on behalf of the young man’s family, to thank the Chief and 1st responders for the fantastic job they did saving his son's life.   He stated “without your team, my son would have been gone.  I was extremely impressed by the professionalism, dedication, and the way my son was taken care at the accident scene. My son is recuperating at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, in Lebanon. He lost his leg due to complication of his injuries, but most of all, he's alive and with us, because of you, and your team. He's being called the "Miracle Child", he was not given a change to live, but he did.   Once he recovers, and he is out of the hospital, he has asked me if I can bring him over so he can personally thank you and your team in person.  Again, thank you so much for your dedication, and service. Words along cannot express my gratitude.”
Upon getting this correspondence Chief Drake recognized his department in an email:  “Another great job done by New Hampton Fire Department personnel with assistance from Ashland Fire who set up the landing zone for DHART. Without the great team work this patient probably would not have survived. In addition I want to thank all of our EMS personnel for the awesome job you provide for our community and the people who travel through it on a daily basis! Keep up the good work.”

 Job Opening at Public Works Department

The Public Works Department has an immediate opening for a Temporary, Part-Time employee to work in the Transfer Station/Recycling Center, June through September, on Mondays, Wednesday, and Saturdays from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm and additional time if needed.  Please submit a letter of interest with a completed employment application which can be obtained at the New Hampton Selectmen’s Office, 6 Pinnacle Hill Road, New Hampton, NH or call and one can be mailed to you.  The completed application can be returned to the Selectmen’s Office during normal business hours, Mon-Fri., 8:30 to 4PM.  The position is open until filled.
New Hampton Garden of the Month

The New Hampton Garden Club awards a homeowner the distinction of Garden of the Month.  This award is for the effort taken to make our town attractive to others with an attractive garden.

The award for the month of May goes to:
Sue and Bill Vachon

3 Fire House Lane, New Hampton

Sue and Bill came to New Hampton two years ago. They bought an 1840 house on Fire House Lane which needed a lot of tender loving care.  The house has had a lot of work done to the inside and to the outside gardens.  On the corner of the front garden is a huge rhubarb plant. This had belonged to Sue's grandmother and has moved many times as the family moved.  Sue now feels very proud to still have this same plant in her garden.  We thank Sue and Bill for their hard work in making our town more attractive.