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New Hampton Connection - March 12, 2018
Major Winter Storm Tomorrow on Election Day
Voting will proceed as scheduled on Tuesday, March 13th 2018 from 11am to 7pm

Town Meeting on Tuesday, March 13th Cannot Be Postponed

Press Release dated March 6, 2018 from NH Secretary of State and Attorney General's Office:
No Authority in New Hampshire Law to Postpone Elections
"All towns shall hold an election annually for the election of town officers on the second Tuesday in March, except those towns which have adopted an alternative date under RSA 40:14 or those towns which have adopted the provisions of RSA 31:94-a and have, by majority vote at a previous town meeting, decided to elect officers on the second Tuesday in May."  RSA 669:1. Parallel provisions in RSA 670:1 and RSA 671:2 specify the election dates for Village District and School District elections.  New Hampshire law does not contain a provision that authorizes any public official to postpone an election.  RSA 40:4 authorizes the Moderator in the event of a weather emergency, under the conditions described in the statute, to postpone the business meeting of the traditional form of town meeting or the deliberative session for a jurisdiction that has adopted the use of Official Ballot voting under RSA 40:13.  This provision in the Chapter of law addressing government of town meeting does not authorize postponement of an election.

Town of New Hampton

To the inhabitants of the Town of New Hampton, New Hampshire, in the County of Belknap, qualified to vote in town affairs:
You are notified to meet for the Second Session of the 2018 Town Meeting, to vote by official ballot on the election of town officers, zoning amendments and the warrant articles as they may have been amended at the First Session, to be held at the Town House, 86 Town House Road, New Hampton on Tuesday, the 13th day of March next.  Polls for voting by official ballot at the Town House will open at 11:00 a.m. and will close at 7:00 p.m. unless the town votes to keep the polls open to a later hour. 
Click here for the Town Ballot
Click here for the School Ballot

The First Session of the 2018 Town Meeting was held at the New Hampton Public Safety Building, 26 Intervale Drive, New Hampton on 2/6/18 at 7:00 p.m. and consisted of explanation, discussion and debate of the warrant articles affording those voters who were present the opportunity to propose, debate and adopt amendments to the warrant articles. 
Office Closures

The Town Clerk/Tax Collector's Office will be closed the following dates:
March 13th for the Town & School District elections.

March 21st and March 28th for training purposes.
Posting of Town Roads
Town Roads have been posted, effective Tuesday, Feb. 27th for a
10 Ton load limit, as determined by the Public Works Director in accordance with RSA 231:191.
It may be possible for you, or a contractor, to receive a special permit to operate over posted roads for a job or operation for specific dates and times based on weather and road conditions.  These permits are available from the Public Works Director Jim Boucher at 744-8025.