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New Hampton Connection - March 13, 2017
Voting Day will proceed as scheduled
on Tuesday, March 14th 2017 from 11am to 7pm
(based on recommendation of Governor Sununu)

Some towns have decided to postpone their Elections, but after review of State laws and words of caution by the Governor that towns postponing their voting may see legal challenges, the Town will proceed with the Voting tomorrow.  This was also complicated by the fact that New Hampton is part of a 7-town School District, which votes on the school issues by ballot.  These towns cannot vote on different days.  

Town of New Hampton
State of New Hampshire
To the inhabitants of the Town of New Hampton, New Hampshire, in the County of Belknap, qualified to vote in town affairs:

 You are also notified to meet for the Second Session of the 2017 Town Meeting, to vote by official ballot on the election of town officers, zoning amendments and the warrant articles as they may have been amended at the First Session, to be held at the Town House, 86 Town House Road, New Hampton on Tuesday, the 14th day of March next.  Polls for voting by official ballot at the Town House will open at 11:00 a.m. and will close at 7:00 p.m. unless the town votes to keep the polls open to a later hour.  Click here for the minutes from the First Deliberative Session.
Click here to read the proposed 2017 Town Warrant.  Click here for the Sample Ballot.
Click here to read the history of the "Grange" building referenced in Warrant Articles #10, 11, and 12.
Click here for Zoning Ordinance Amendments from 1st Public Hearing held on 1/2/16 (Warrant Articles 2 - 6).
Click here for Zoning Ordinance Amendments from 2nd Public Hearing held on 1/17/17 (Warrant Articles 2 - 6).
Click here to read the proposed 2017 Town Warrant.
Click here for the proposed 2017 Town Budget.
Click here for the Default Budget.
Posting of Town Roads

Town Roads have been posted, effective Monday, Feb. 27th
for a 10 Ton load limit,
as determined by the Public Works Director in accordance with RSA 231:191.
It may be possible for you, or a contractor, to receive a special permit to operate over posted roads for a job or operation for specific dates and times based on weather and road conditions.  These permits are available from the Public Works Director Jim Boucher at 744-8025. 
Beware of Two Telephone Scams
Please be aware of a new VISA & MasterCard Credit Card SCAM being utilized in the Midwest currently and making its way across our country.  This Scam is very well thought out and very successful as the individual (scammer) provides the caller all the information pertaining to their Credit Card except for the one piece of information they are looking for.  Note the callers do not ask you for your credit card number as they already have it.

Click here to read details on how this Scam works.

Another Apparent Scam Circulating
We have recently received a report of another possible scam where the calls being made are coming from Washington DC, Virginia, and restricted numbers.  When the person receiving the calls dials the numbers back they are told that because they have not requested assistance from the “U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services” they are being awarded a grant, somewhere between $6,000 - $10,000.  Then they are asked for bank account information so the money can be direct deposited into their account. 
Always be careful with your information!!!